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Affiliate Program by Xavier Media

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5 Things to Know When Selecting an Affiliate Program Manager

Paying proper attention to each aspect of your affiliate program will ensure that you not only get the highest return on investment (ROI), but that your income stream is as passive as possible.  In the end, that’s why most of us get involved in affiliate programs—making as much money off of as little active work […] Continue Reading

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How Landing Pages Convert Visitors into Leads and Paying Customers

The way that people purchase products is changing. It’s no longer enough for people to throw money at expensive TV adverts, print placements and direct mail, and many of the corporate behemoths who made their money doing just that are failing to keep up.   The good news is that if you’re prepared to change […] Continue Reading

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Finding A Sponsor For Your Blog: 5 Tips That Will Make The Process More Profitable

Getting sponsors for a blog is one of the best ways of making sure that you get the maximum amount of revenue from it. If you end up working with a very large company, for instance, you could easily end up making a 5-figure income from the blog each month. This, however, needs you to […] Continue Reading

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