Backing up your blog – make sure your data is safe

Some of us have been active bloggers for quite some time now (this blogs database dates back all the way to 2006 as an example), which means that the data is quite valuable and must be protected from loss, theft and destruction.Loss, theft and destruction may seem like very hard words, but believe me if you would lose your blog you would experience feelings from sad all the way to anger and hopelessness.

Anyway there’s a solution to all this and it’s called “backing up”. Make sure you have off-server backups of your blog and you should be fine if the server crashes, someone hacks your administrator account in WordPress or even if your web hosting company’s server hall explodes.

If you already do backups, make sure the backups are off-server, because I’ve seen examples where people store the backups on the same server (even in the same account as the actual blog) and when someone hacks the FTP account they’ve lost both the blog and the backups.

As a WordPress user it’s really easy to make sure you have off-server backups. For example you can use the XM-Backup plugin for WordPress plugin to do the backups and email them to an email address you’ve setup for the backups.

Setup instructions for off-server backups:

  1. Get an account with Online File Folderand set it up to accept files via email:
    • Under Settings >> File Settings choose Enable Dropbox and select the email address you want to use for your file backups:
      Email files to Online File Folder
  2. Get the XM-Backup plugin plugin and upload it to your WordPress plugin folder
  3. Set the delivery option to be by email for the backups and enter the email address you’ve just created with Online File Folder above.
  4. Now you will have your backup file emailed to your off-server account with Online File Folder. If something happens you can have your backup retrieved using FTP, the web interface or the Online File Folder client which allows you to map the Online File Folder as a disk drive (like any hard drive you have in your computer)

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Backing-up you data is one of the most, if not the most important thing one should do it can be crucial 😯

You would think backing up data would be a higher priority but you’ll be surpriced how many don’t do any backups at all.