Block spam comments in your blog

We all hate spam in our blogs and forums and we all try to reduce the amount of spam as much as we can but this can be a lot of work for bloggers and forum owners 🙁 . One way of reducing the spam is checking the IP address and the email address of the spammer against databases with known spammers.This is where you have use for SpamBot Search Tool created by TeMerc. This tool is searching for the IP address, the email address and the user name used by people commenting in your blogs or forums in several databases with known spammers. As an example we use this tool to check for spammers in our discussion forum and since we installed the SpamBot Search Tool we haven’t had any forum spam at all.

The SpamBot Search Tool can of course be used in more than just phpBB forums 😀 . At Temerc you can find examples on how to use this tool with for example SMF, IPB, Dragonfly CMS, MediaWiki and WordPress. One downside by following the install instructions for WordPress is that every time you upgrade WordPress you have to re-install the SpamBot Serach Tool.

To fix that problem of having to reinstall after every upgrade Xavier Media has created a plugin for WordPress 😀 . By using the plugin you don’t need to edit the code in WordPress, you don’t have to reinstall the code after every upgrade and you can update your settings directly from within the admin dashboard. Easy to use in other words 😀

You can read more about the plugin at

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