Did your password leak when LinkedIn, Eharmony or Last.fm got hacked?

Did your password  got cracked during the LinkedIn [1], Eharmony [2] or Last.fm [3] hack this month? If that’s the case then you really need to re-check your password policy. Yes, even private persons need a “password policy ” to survive these days.

In your password policy you should ave the following rules (at least, more is better):

  • Never use the same password twice – If you use your password and the same user name at two (“popular”) sites hackers can easily gain access to both sites by only hacking one. For example if you use the same password at Facebook and LinkedIn and your password got leaked in the latest hack you could get both your accounts compromised.
  • Minimum 6 characters – If you use a shorter password it’s too easy to crack.
  • Numbers, alphabetical and special characters – If you use numbers, alphabetical (both lower and upper case) letters,and special characters (like !”#¤%&/()=?) then your password get more secure than if you only use lower case alphabetical characters
  • Change password every 90 days – you should of course never use the same password too long and especially not when one of the services you use have been hacked. This means that when a service you use got hacked you HAVE to change your password even if your password didn’t get hacked at that time.

What will happen if you use the same password at both for example LinkedIn and my email address at Gmail.com?

If you where one of the people effected by the LinkedIn hack (or the Eharmony or any other hack) you should of course change your password immediately when the news is public. You should also make sure you don’t (never ever) use the same password at your email service provider (Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo or any other) and any other service like Facebook, LinkedIn or any other popular or any popular service at all. Because if your password gets cracked at any of the services you use and you have the same password at your email service provider you could get any service hacked because the get password feature in most services will email the password to your just hacked email account. So even if you have the same password at Facebook/LinkedIn and your email account (and different passwords anywhere) any other service you’ve signed up for could get hacked since the password will be sent to your hacked email address!!!

Why should I use different passwords for my different services?

See above.

How do I get different passwords for all services I use?

See this page to get randomized passwords for any service you use. You can set the difficulty level for our passwords by selecting the number of characters and what type of characters should be used.

How easily can my password get cracked?

The shorter and the less special characters you use the easier your password can  get cracked. Check for your self how easy your password can get cracked  at this page.



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