Free malware scanner with every SSL certificate

Malware is something we all have to watch out for. The person surfing the web should of course only visit sites that belong to reputable companies they know will clean their site from malware if the horrible would happen and the site owners should do everything they can to prevent their sites from being infected.

As a site owner you should always keep your softwares up to date like for example PHP, MySQL and WordPress (if you have a site based on WordPress). If you use other softwares you should make sure you have the latest versions to make sure no security risks are involved in using old and outdated software full of known bugs.

Another great way for a site owner to show the visitors that you as a site owner care about your visitors is to encrypt the traffic between you and your user. That way you make it as hard as possible for anyone to listen to the traffic between you and your visitors. Even if you don’t have anything “important” on your site like bank information etc you could benefit from an encrypted connection between you and your visitors (just read about the Facebook hack where it was possible to hijack someones account using unencrypted cookies). Facebook and the other sites solved the problem by adding a SSL certificate to their sites ­čśÇ

To get your own SSL certificate is really easy and you can get one from for amounts that fit even smaller budgets ­čśë and if you get your certificate from┬á you also get a free malware scan of your site to ensure you don’t host anything nasty on your server. This daily scan ensures hackers haven’t infected sites with malicious links that could spread worms, trojans, viruses and spyware. If suspicious links are found, the customer is notified and provided with information on how to remove them. The Malware Scanner also scans for and documents website security vulnerabilities and notifies the customer of any issues.

To read more about the SSL certificates and the malware scanner, please check out To read more on how to setup and secure your site with SSL certificates, please check out our article series How to secure your site against the Facebook hack.

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