How you can use Online File Folder for backups

Most of us don’t even spend a second a day thinking about boring backups and how to restore our files, until the day our computer crash! The question we ask then is: Did I have something important on the computer? When we actually should think: Alright, lets restore everything!

The solution isn’t to do manual backups every day of your data, instead you should use Online File Folder. It’s like Dropbox, but much better. With Online File Folder you can access your files via the web (in your browser), via WebDav, via FTP or you can even map your account as it would be a hard drive on your computer ­čÖé . You can read more about all the features of Online File Folder at

The backup/sync software you get with Online File Folder is way more powerful then the Dropbox solution, because you can map your account with Online File Folder as a hard drive in your computer, you can select which folders you want to sync and you can of course sync multiple folders. You can even select if you want both way sync or just one way sync, meaning that a folder on your local computer can be sent to the Online File Folder, but it’s not syncing back.

When setting up new folders to sync you can specify if you only want to sync some file types or if you want the sync to exclude certain file types. This is good if you for example want to exclude all .EXE files you may have but sync all the data.

How to sync/backup your data

All you need is to install the software you get when you sign up for the account (can also be downloaded from within your Online File Folder). Once you have the software installed you just “Online File Folder” > “Sync Folders” > “New”. Select the folder on your local computer and the destination folder in your Online File Folder account, click on “Schedule” and select “Automatic”. Now you will always have a backup of all your files in that folder if your computer crashes.

To restore your data after a crash you just install the software from Online File Folder again, and setup a new sync between the folder in Online File Folder and your local computer. Your files will then be restored (depending on your Internet connection it may take some time to restore all your files if you have many).


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