Secure Your Website With the Help of SSL

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is almost always present whenever we are surfing the Internet. We don’t see it at work but its function is most vital to protect the information we transmit through the Internet.

How does the SSL work? Imagine that you are a secret agent and you have a valuable piece of information that you wish to send back to headquarters via email. What the SSL does is it provides you with a key. This key allows you to encrypt the information into a secret code in which no one else can read. Thus, the information is safe from hackers and other unscrupulous people. The SSL also provides a second key to your colleagues at headquarters. This second key allows them to decrypt the secret code in which you have sent them. There are no other duplicates to the second key, so the only person who can access the information, are the ones back at HQ.

Why is obtaining a SSL certification more important today for a website than it was a decade ago? In recent years, online shopping and transactions have been growing tremendously due to our busy lifestyles. We no longer have time to go to the store for grocery shopping. We think it’s a complete waste of time to be waiting in line at the bank. Basically, people of this generation are looking for convenience. Through online transactions, everything is as simple as a click of a button.

There are many SSL certificate providers. Some popular names you might have heard of are DigiCert, VeriSign, Geo Trust, and Thawte. These certificate providers differ in price, warranty value and customer support. Either way, a SSL certificate is a must for any website that deals with large amount of private and confidential information. Internet surfers too have to be wary of information that they transmitting. Best way to check before sending any information, is to look at the website URL, if the URL begins with https:// instead of http:// you can rest assured that you’re in a secured website.

You can of course get really cheap (and still as secure SSL Certificates) from, some of the certificates also include a free web site scan so you can sleep during the nights knowing that your site hasn’t been hacked and is used to spread malware.

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Very informative blog on site security with ssl. Thanks, I really walked away more educated than before. ssl wildcard certs can secure infinite subdomains is something I recently picked up.