WP-Check-Spammers – Upgraded to version 0.3

Our spam checking WordPress plugin WP-Check-Spammers has been upgrade to version 0.3 with a little help from csixty4 on wordpress.org. The pugin will still continue to check comments against spam databases and blacklists to see if the IP address, name and email of the person making the comment is a known spammer or not, but now with some additional features.

Some of the new features are:

  • Automatic installation of the SpamBot Search Tool in your wp-content directory, so now you don’t have to install it manually. The manual option is still there in case it’s not working.
  • Uses wp_mail() instead of mail()

As an extra feature we’ve also upgraded our spam checking server that’s included in the plugin as default to check a few new spam databases:

  • drone.abuse.ch
  • zeustracker.abuse.ch
  • spam.abuse.ch
  • httpbl.abuse.ch
  • torproject.org

A total of 14 spam databases/black lists are now checked ­čśë for spammers, so what are you waiting for? Download the plugin today at WordPress.org.

If you need help with this plugin, please visit our support forum at www.XavierForum.com or check the documentation at www.XavierMedia.com.

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