How do I play?

Just load the aquarium and click on the link “Create new aquarium”. A new aquarium with only one fish will the be created and you can buy more fishes by using the menu button. If you have two or more fishes of the same kind (color) you will soon get kids (if you remember to feed your fishes every now and then).

What’s an AquaCode?

An AquaCode can be used to get all your fishes back if you have to close the aquarium for some reason. Just write down the AquaCode (also called AC) and enter the code at the beginning of the game. All your fishes (except kids) will be restored.

What’s a BonusCode?

A BonusCode will give you some cool bonuses like cash, special fishes or special features. For example, BonusCode MKL194 will give you $100 as a bonus. More bonus codes can be found here.

Why don’t I get 3 adult fishes from 3 kids?

Only 1 kid of 3 will survive and reach adult age. That’s how the nature works (or at least this flash aquarium).

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