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Elon Musk Pledges Support for Social Media Users’ Legal Bills: A Promise of Protection Against Unfair Employer Actions

In a remarkable show of support for social media users, tech visionary Elon Musk recently took to Twitter to offer a lifeline to those who may have faced unjust repercussions from their employers due to their online activity. In a single tweet, Musk pledged to fund the legal bills of individuals who have been unfairly…

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Get modern .XYZ domain to connect with the X, Y and Z generation

.xyz gives you the freedom of choice and the spark to innovate. Go you creators, you rebels, you coders and developers, you creatives, you inventors and innovators. Go #GenXYZ! With influential adopters like MIT (Engine.xyz), the co-founders of Skype (Starship.xyz), Deloitte (Exponentials.xyz), and HBO (Hooli.xyz), along with millions of others in over 230 countries and…

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Earn money from your Twitter or Facebook followers

Here’s an easy way to earn money from your social media followers at for example Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. Cash4Clicks offers you $2 for everyone that clicks your link, and you will also earn extra from doing tasks like trying apps, creating Youtube videos etc. From the tasks you earn somewhere between $10 up…

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