Type of script: Perl
Version: v1.1
Cost: Free
Download: Yes
Demo: Yes (password: test)
Support: Yes

What is Xaviers Counter script?
It’s a simple counter that counts your visitors and log the refering URL. You may view the logfile via your webbrowser or the script can mail it to you.

This script require SSI!


The admin area can be found here. (password: test)


  1. Download and unzip counter.zip
  2. Edit following lines with your favorite text editor:
    • $admin This is the admin password you would like to use to access the admin page
    • $email Your email address
    • $mail_log Set this to 1 if you would like the script to mail the logfile to you
    • $mail_counter When do you want the script to mail you the logfile?
    • $mailprog Where is sendmail located?
    • $date_command The location of your date command
  3. Upload all files to your /cgi-bin/
  4. Make counter.cgi chmod 755 and the logfiles should be chmod 777
  5. Visit the admin page at /cgi-bin/counter.cgi?page=main&passwd=Your password