Type of script: Perl
Version: v1.0
Cost: Free
Download: Yes
Demo: No
Support: Yes

What is Xaviers Downloader script?
It’s a script that count the number of downloads. Use a drop-down box, text links or both to keep track of the downloads.
View the logfile with your web browser.

Installation instructions

  1. Download download.zip and unzip it
  2. Open download.cgi in any text editor and edit these configurations:
    • $admin = the admin password you’ll use to access the admin pages
    • $logdownload = the location of download.log
    • $date_command = the location of date
  3. Upload download.cgi and download.log to your /cgi-bin/. Make sure you upload the script as ASCII.
  4. Change mode for the script (download.cgi) to 755 and the mode for download.log should be set to 777
  5. Visit download.cgi with your web browser and enter your admin password
  6. Click on HTML code and cut-and-past the HTML code into your homepage