Get unlimited with space in OneDrive

Microsoft has announced that subscribers to Office 365 soon will get unlimited storage on Onedrive.

In an effort to meet the competition from file sharing and online storage services like Google and Dropbox, Microsoft  announces now that the company will offer unlimited space on the cloud service Onedrive. The offer will only apply to those who pay for Office 365 (or got a University subscription), the Microsoft subscription model for the Office suite.

It is the second time this year, Microsoft is upgrading the storage space on Office 365. This summer, the company began offering subscribers a terabyte of storage space included in the subscription.

When you have an Home, Personal, or University subscription you get Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint, and soon also unlimited space.

The offer of unlimited storage space will be introduced in the coming months, but if you want to part of the offer as soon as it’s available you can register your interest on the Microsoft website.

According to their FAQ unlimited storage will come to their business subscription in 2015. Check out the OneDrive blog for more information, and exact time plan.

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