Blog Action Day: Renewable Green Energy

Today it’s Blog Action Day about Climate Change and the idea with this day is to have as many bloggers as possible to write about one subject: Climate Change.

I read in an article that the global IT industry is generating as much greenhouse gas as the world’s airlines!!!! By consuming less CO² you can make a difference for the planet by not speeding up the global warming, but how do you do that an easy way? One way is to do like we at Xavier Media did:

We invested in a wind power plant. This is not only making it possible for us to only use renewable green energy at our office, but it makes it possible for us to save some money too since we get to buy electricity at a much cheaper price as part-owner of the power plant. At the moment we’re saving about 10% of our investment on our energy costs.

Xavier Media has always been interested in investments that make a difference especially when it comes to our planet and our environment. This is why we started this blog at and started investing apart of our profit from our regular business in companies and fund that donate a part of their profit for good causes.

Take a moment to think about how you can use little means to reduce your need for greenhouse gases and CO² needed in your every-day life. Every little thing helps like for example leaving your car at home for all shorter trips 😉 .

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