Merry CHristmas and a Happy New year

2009 is almost over and we soon have a new year in front of us, and to be honest lets hope 2010 will be a better year then 2009. Our politicians don’t seem to take climate change that serious since then they would have come up with a much much better deal by now then they have.

WWF says it all in their blog with this qoute:

The UN climate talks in Copenhagen were inches away from total failure and ended with an outcome far too weak to tackle dangerous climate change, WWF said today.

So it looks like the ordinary person (Average Joe if you like) have to do the most work once again since the people we pay to negotiate these things are just too fat and happy to bother…..So my suggestion to everyone is to make a new year promise to focus all their little actions on the environment next year. Like for example switching to renewable green energy, try to walk instead of using the car for short distances, and maybe bring leftovers as lunch from the dinner the day before. By taking these actions you may not only reduce your impact on the planet, but also save a few bucks ­čśë

If you have any money left after buying your Christmas presents, then perhaps you may consider investing in a fund investing in companies working for a better planet (like the SEB Baltic Sea fund/WWF) or giving some money to WWF. You can read more about donating money to WWF here.

Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year!

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