New funds in our green investment

We’ve updated our green investment with some new funds (to hopefully get a better return then we’ve had lately). The new funds have completely replaced the old funds in our investment.

The new funds are BNPP L1 Green Future C C and Öhman Nordisk Miljöfond. Both of them have had a fantastic start in January 2012 and we hope they will continue to develop nicely.

BNPP L1 Green Future C C

Fortis Green Future is a global equity fund that invests in businesses that affect the environment positively. The fund is concentrated on three key environmental areas: Clean Energy, Water and Waste. The fund invest primarily in medium and small companies working to solve environmental problems and looking for companies that have a unique position in its field, leading to a better potential future returns on invested capital. The fund is managed by a dedicated SRI team (Socially Responsible Invemstemets).

Öhman Nordisk Miljöfond

Resource and Environmental Fund invests in Nordic companies that can meet today’s requirements for resource efficiency and environmental concerns. We believe the Fund, by today identify companies that will meet future customer requirements and legislation, the long term will give a slightly higher return than a normal equity fund.

This is how our investment in the environment has developed lately. As you can see we had to do something to improve the results.


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