Please consider your environmental responsibility…..

Today I got an email where the person sending the email had the following text in the signature:

Please consider your environmental responsibility before printing this e-mail

I’ve seen it before, but it wasn’t until today I reacted.

How many emails to you actually print? I rarely print email, only if it’s an invoice I need for financial things, but otherwise I never print emails.┬á I have however noticed that some people press the print button as soon as they get an email no matter what’s in it. And that makes me wounder do we really have to tell people to stop printing emails and consider the environmental responsibility?

Unfortunately it looks like that since some people actually put it in their signature.

We also have the other side of the “coin” where people like me never print emails unless it’s an important contract or invoice. So is the sender telling me then that his email isn’t important at all?

“Since you only print important emails you don’t have to print my email because it’s completely un-important”.

I don’t think that’s the message the sender wanted to share, but we have way too long to the paperless society ­čÖü

Save a three by not print this ­čśÇ

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raul says:

please help me i want to add this signature to my mail like a footer but i could’t

i have outlook express

admin says:

You can add a signature under options in one of the menus.