Vac from the Sea

If you’re visiting Stockholm in Sweden during March you should have a look at the exhibition Vac from the Sea at the Maritime Museum. In the exhibit 4 vacuum cleaners have been created from plastic found in the oceans. Ok, it’s just the outer plastic and not the complete vac but it’s still a nice idea.

We need to recycle more and this exhibition shows that we really, really have to recycle much more than we do today. For example in the Pacific Ocean there’s an area where garbage are collected by the currents called Great Pacific Garbage Patch. A recent research sponsored by the National Science Foundation suggests this marine litter may be twice the size of Texas!!!! And for every day this area is growing when even more marine pollution are gathered by oceanic currents and brought to this area.

The six vacuum cleaners created as a result of this project is of course not enough, but it’s a good way of demonstrating how much garbage we need to do something about. The nice thing is that the vac’s are created on top of the Electrolux UltraOne Green vac ­čśë , a vac that’s as green as a vac can be.

Check out this video for some more information about Electrolux and the Vac from the Sea project:

This exhibition really opened my eyes that we need to take more care about our oceans and we have way too much garbage floating around everywhere in the world. The life came from the water one time ago and we’re still heavily depending on the oceans for our survival so we should take care of the underwater world much better then we do.

The plastic on the vacuum cleaners on the photo above are from:
1. North Sea
2. Pacific Ocean
3. Indian Ocean
4. Baltic Sea

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