Name: File Protection
Type of script: PHP
Version: v1.0
Cost: $25
Download: Yes
Support: Yes

What's this
This script will protect your files so that only your members will be able to download them. You can use this script on music files, zip files, pictures and much more.

Free trial
When you download Cookie Password Protection v 1.1 (the free version) you also get a free trial of File Protection. This trial can only protect files smaller than 10Kb, but it works same way as the full version.

Buy the script
Click here to download a free trial or here to buy the full version including a copy of Cookie Password Protection.

How to install
When you have protected a page with Cookie Password Protection you just replace your download links with this code:
<? echo fileprotect("",0); ?>
Where is the name of the file you want to protect and 0 is the number of hours you want your link to be valid. If you set the time for the link to 0 as in the example above your links are valid for 15 minutes. For more information, please read the readme.html file included in the ZIP file.