Type of script: PHP
Version: v1.2
Cost: Free
Download: Yes
Support: Yes
Demo: Yes

What's this
The Time & Date script is a simple script that create a picture with the current date and time. You may select time and date format with keywords that the script replace with values. For example mm is replaced by the current month (in numbers).

Online Demo

HTML Code:
<IMG SRC="time.php?line1=hh:MM:SS&line2=YY-mm-DD">

HTML Code:
<IMG SRC="time.php?line1=Time:&line2=HH:MM:SS">

HTML Code:
<IMG SRC="time.php?line1=Date:&line2=DD/mm/YY">

YY = Year (i.e. "01")
mm = Month (i.e. "01" to "12")
DD = Day (i.e. "01" to "31")
HH = Hour, 24-hour format (i.e. "00" to "23")
hh = Hour, 12-hour format (i.e. "01" to "12")
MM = Minutes (i.e. "00" to "59")
SS = Seconds (i.e. "00" to "59")
+ = Space (i.e. " ")

Download the script
The script is written in two version:
If you have GD v1.3 download this file
and if you have GD v1.4 or better download this file.