Post your blog posts to any server + Twitter servers like and MyXavier are getting more and more popular since it’s possible to follow users on different servers without having to sign up at each individual server. This means that you can have an account at for example and follow another user at without signing up for another account at ­čśÇTo make it easy for you to update your status with your latest blog posts we at Xavier Media have created a WordPress plugin that will post an status update to any server. If you have several accounts on different servers you can have the plugin to post to all your accounts, just specify the servers to update with your status and fill in the user names.

Once the plugin is activated in your WordPress blog a new status update will be posted to each of the specified accounts every time you make anew blog post.

Since the API used by the plugin to update statuses is compatible with Twitters own API you can of course also update your status at Twitter with this plugin too. Just use server, path 1 and your Twitter user name and password.

If you would like to use short links in your status updates (most of us do), you can of course select one of seven different link shortener services:

To get the plugin, please have a look at the WP plugin web site.

Do you have suggestions for new features you think we should add in the plugin? Please let us know and perhaps we can add them in the next release ­čśë

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tony says:

I hacked it to use my own URL shortener (a installation at
I removed the metamark code, replacing it with similar code for mine, both for the choice button, and of course the shortener action function.

With yourls, you need an api key (signature), so the url looks like


Thanks for the info. I updated the plugin to allow you to use your own installation. You just select the option, fill in your domain name in the API ID field and the secret/API key in the API key field.

paul says:

great plugin guys,

but i’m a little lost and need you assistance:
i created a site based on then created an Application on it using oauth.

on your plugin – how can i connect my blog to my statusnet site (not to, but directly to my statusnet site). which details should be entered?

these are the details from my application:

Request token URL

Access token URL

Authorize URL

The blog is not for support questions! You can find the answer to your question here:

hardono says:

Thanks for great plugin I’ve tried with my wordpress site and it help me posting to server

Karl-Heinz says:

Will you update the twitter part of the plugin to oauth? Today is the last day it works with basic auth.

Not sure, Twitter is not very developer friendly so I don’t know if we spend the time to develop something they may bann the next day.

Vinny says:

hello theres just one issue with this plugin. when ever someone re-posts it goes out again it does not have options to only post a written article once so you get duplicate posts on identi or hope to see changes in next upgrade because this is such a great plugin.

Good. Next Sunday we many release an upgrade. You should see it as an upgrade in your list of plugins in WordPress

Jonathan says:

finally got it figured out – server was and path was status/api

works like a charm – thanks for a great plugin


Jonathan says:

how do I find the API path and is the sever the root of my install – for example:-

Thanks !

Jonathan says:

Is it possible for this plugin to work with a self hosted installation like mine

I’d like to automatically post links to my blog posts on my own install. If it is possible, can you explain what I need to add in the plugin settings form please.



Yes, the plugin is built for that. Just fill in the location of your server and the api path. Then setup a user account and fill in your user name and password in the plugin admin page.

Geobert says:

ok maybe it’s because the plugin was installed after the publishing of the post.

thanks !

Geobert says:

Thank you for this amazing plugin! I’d like to see a feature though: do not post again to when I edit an already published post ­čÖé

I don’t think the plugin should do that in the current version since for every post it’s sending to it’s also setting a variable on the post. If the variable is still there when you edit it shouldn’t post he same blog post again to

The plugin already got that feature. Once a post has been submitted to a status server it’s not doing it again if you edit the post. Check if you have post meta data called “status_net” in your posts. Otherwise it’s something wrong with your installation of the plugin, because once “status_net” equals “yes” in a post it’s not resubmitting to the servers again.