WP Email-to-Facebook – A new plugin to update Facebook pages

When we got our page at Facebook (facebook.com/XavierMedia) we noticed a need to publish updates from our WordPress blog to the page at Facebook. Since we couldn’t find any good plugins for this (doing exactly what we wanted), we simply created our own plugin.

The WP Email-to-Facebook plugin (or sometimes also called WP Email-to-Facebook page plugin) is simply just sending an email to the email address belonging to your page (yes, all pages at Facebook got their own private email address for mobile updates). You can specify to update different pages depending on the categories you’ve selected for your post and each category can update a different page. So if you lets say have 10 categories you can update 10 Facebook pages from the same post (if you have selected all 10 categories for your blog post that is).

You can of course update just one Facebook page and in that case you do like we’ve done for this blog and fill in the same email address for all your categories. Only one email per email address will be sent so only one update will occur ­čśë

The setup is simple, just download the latest version of the plugin from WordPress and upload it to your plugin directory. Then go to the settings page for the plugin inside WordPress and fill in the email addresses you want to be updated when you make new posts.

The email address for a Facebook page can be found by selecting “Edit Page” > “Mobile”. The email address is unique to each page and you should keep it a sekret so spammers can’t figure it out to spam your Facebook page.

More information about this plugin can be found at WordPress.

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Pam says:

I applied the “minor bug fix” update and that made all of the difference. Gone are the cryptic bits of code on the settings page and they are replaced with a list of my categories & a simple blank box for the email address. More of a major than a minor fix. ­čśë

Pam says:

Can you please give an example of what is supposed to be entered into the Settings > Facebook Page Email field? How are the categories specified, particularly if you want all posts/categories to go just the one page?

I have looked through the Support Forum but can’t find anything about this.


The email address you get from Facebook for the page you’ve created.

If you fill in the same email address for all categories only one email should be sent. The option to fill in multiple email addresses (one for each category) should be used if you for example got one category called School in your blog and want that one to post to the page for your School and then you have another category in your blog for your Band and you want all blog posts in that category to be posted to the page your band has set up.

I suggest you read the setup instructions in the plugin (once you’ve activated the plugin and visit the page you mentioned above you find the setup instruction there (at the top of the page).

The reason you can’t find anything in the support forum is because nobody has posted about this plugin before in the support forum. The support forum (www.xaierforum.com) is for questions like this and the blog (where this page is located) should be used for updates and news since the discussions are a little bit limited in a blog.

Rebecca says:

When I try to activate it in my blog running 3.1.3 it says that your plugin does not have a valid header. Hope it’s updated to work soon. Sounds cool.

Weird, I’m also using 3.1.3 and don’t have any problems at all.