support in WP plugin for WordPress

After a nice idea I got from one of our blog visitors (read this) we’ve added support for your own installation in the plugin for WordPress. is simply your own URL shortener service on your own domain name. This is perfect because you have full control over your own URLs and you also get your own brand in the short URL, instead of for example TinyURL or some other URL shortener service. You can of course still use many other shorteners in if you like so you don’t have to switch to just because we’ve added that option 😀

The setup is pretty simple, you just download the plugin (or update if you already have it installed in your WordPress blog). Then you get the latest version of from their web site and set it up on your site. If you need a new short domain name for your link shortener service you can get a cheap domain name from for as little as $1.99 if you get hosting at the same time.

When you you setup you need to set it up to support API keys/signatures. For more information on that, please have a look at the documentation here. Using the user name/password option for will not work with the plugin!

In the settings page of the you just select the option for URL shortener service and fill in your domain name as the API ID. If you have for example installed Yourls at, then you only fill in in the API ID field like in the picture below:

Now you will get short URLs with your own brand in the URL 😀

You can read more about the plugin here.

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