– Buzz, buzz and then what?

In July the new search engine (pronounced cool) was launched by a couple of ex-Google people. Everyone said that it would be the Google killer that changed the search engine business for ever….. Well, it looks like forever is not that long in Internet time 🙂

As you can see on the graph from Compete the traffic went from 2 millions in July to only 1 million in August. If they can’t change that trend then they will have problems (at least if they want to beat Google).

Another (almost) new search engine is Wikia Search from the creator of Wikipedia. is growing for every month and is gaining popularity. The fantastic part of Wikia is that people can add search results (sites) that aren’t already included. That feature is much more creative and futuristic then any of the features found at 😕

Lets follow this battle of search engines up later and see if we can find a change in trends 😀

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