Dustin Expo 2011

Yesterday it was time for the yearly Dustin Computer Expo in Ericsson Globe in Stockholm. I was of course there to check out the latest trends in the computer world 😉

3D seems to be the big trend in the computer world, and of course you could find anything from 3D-TVs, 3D-monitors, 3D-laptops and also a 3D-smart phone from LG that had 3D technology which didn’t require glasses 😉 . The LG smart phone got of course Android as OS (Apple can’t do stuff like this), and you can even take photos in 3D and record 3D videos. The photo and video stuff was possible thanks to two 5 mega-pixels cameras, so the phone took 2 images and combined them into one 3D photo. If you have a 3D-TV you can connect your phone to it and show what you’ve just recorded or taken photos of directly on the TV thanks to HDMI connections on the phone. According to Jennie from LG the smart phone will be available from June/July this year, so I guess I have to get rid of my iPhone quickly.

Another big thing on the Expo was surf pads of various kinds and iOS from Apple will get some real competition soon. ViewSonic had for example two surf pads (7″ and 10″ screen) with both Windows 7 and Andriod in the same pad. In the product information for the ViewPad 10 sais “offers a full PC experience when required”, which sounds fantastic to me.

One of the downsides with Apple stuff (besides it’s Apple) is that you can’t use SD cards to expand the memory, but for all the competitors you can!  The ViewPad had of course a slot for Micro SD cards so you can expand the memory by up to 32 Gb.

Acer had something that was a combination of a laptop and a surf pad: a laptop with two touch screens. It didn’t have any keyboard so instead you used one of the touch screens as keyboard and the other one as touch screen. I didn’t like this idea, since I think that if you want a surf pad you would get a pure surfpad instead and if you need a keyboard for it you would get a bluetooth keyboard to the pad instead. I don’t know about you but I prefer to feel the keyboard under my fingers when I type instead of just the screen. The few seconds I tried typing I got weird feelings and didn’t like it. When doing heavy typing (like this blog post for example) I prefer the feeling of a keyboard under my fingers, but that’s perhaps just because I’m a little bit old fashioned 😉

Everyone had laptops and since it’s soon time for me to get a new one (my current is almost a year old), so I checked out all the available laptops. I want to have a nice looking one and it has to be a PC (no Mac for me). Acer had a nice white tiny laptop that could be something I want to use. However LG had new laptops with 3D technology (not as nice looking as Acer’s laptop), that really caught my attention. you had to have 3D-glasses to use the 3D feature, but that’s pretty OK I guess. Since they already have developed smart phones with 3D without glasses I guess it’s just a question of time before they also release laptops. Unfortunate I don’t have any pictures of the LG laptops, but to the right you can see the white Acer.

I like Sony Vaio because of their really nice look, so of course I checked out their stuff at the Expo. They have really nice colors on their laptops and I think they have the nicest laptops in the PC world. At the Expo they showed both a  pink and a green laptop which I like and perhaps I will get one the next time a I need a new laptop. But I hope they will have  a blue version too, since I prefer blue (just look at the Xavier Media logo 😉 ).

I’ve mentioned Apple several times and they where at the Expo, but didn’t have anything interesting to show. They had MacBooks and the new iPad 2, but nothing really new and revolutionary at all. They didn’t even have anything with 3D technology like all the other vendors had, so the conclusion is that Apple just sells nice looking old technology for lots of money, but can’t compete with the technology.

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