Dustin Expo 2012

This weekend it was time for the 2012 version of Dustin Expo in Stockholm. Unlike last year when they had several new, cool and innovative stuff, this year the companies had just normal stuff to show which was a real turnoff.

Despite the disappointment I found a few (very few 🙁 ) pretty cool stuff and one of them where the Deltaco flexible keyboard. The keyboard was made of some kind of rubber so you could bend it, twist is and roll it togheter without breaking it. It’s very small too and had a USB connection so it’s perfect as a travel keyboard or something. Too bad it didn’t have Bluetooth so you could use it on your smartphone or surfpad.

The big hype of 3D stuff on last years Expo seems to be completely over and based on the extreme lack of 3D stuff on this years Expo I would say the 3D hype if completely over. Only LG and Epson showed something with 3D technology. LG a screen and Eposon a home movie cinema. Last year LG showed their Optimus 3D smartphone, a smartphone with 3D screen you could use without glasses, but this year that technology was gone completely. No new version and not even the old smartphone was present. The new Optimus smartphones didn’t have 3D at all. 3D is dead!

Surfpads seems to be another trend on it’s decline. This year I saw more laptops than surfpads, unlike last year when it was more 50/50. The laptops this year seems to be more nicer looking than ever. Both Acer and Asus had their new beautiful ultra-thin laptops for display. On the picture there’s an Asus Zenbook. Not as nice looking as my Asus  🙂 , but much more nicer looking than the usual black plastic laptops.

The latest thing with smartphones is NFC technology (Near Field Communication), which means that you can transfer stuff (pictures, video, business cards, contacts etc) from your smartphone to any other NFC enabled device by just holding the devices together (no cable of other physical connection). This is pretty smart and one store in Stockholm is already using this as coupons. You download an app to your smartphone and you get coupons in the app which you can use by holding your smartphone to a device in the store. Sony talked about it on stage, and showed the key-rings you get when you buy Sony Experia S. You can then activate/load the keyring with different settings for your Experia and when you want to change settings you just hold the keyring near your Experia and the settings will change/update.

One cool non-tech thing was the Avatar girl Autodesk had at the Expo:

Like last year Apple had a small corner with nothing interesting at all. Like last year they showed Macbooks and iPad 2 (exactly the same stuff as last year 🙁 ).

Some other pictures from the Expo:

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