Earn money by shortening links at Ity.im

There are many link shortening services out there, but one of them is a little bit more than just an link shortener service. Ity.im is the name of it and you earn money by shortening your links.

There are 5 ways of earning money from Ity.im, the combined link shortener and ad network.

The first and easiest way of making money is using the link shortener. For everyone that clicks on your links you earn money from the ads shown. After the person following your shortened links end up at the destination page there’s a small bar on top of the page and if they click on the text ads in that bar, you earn more money (somewhere between $0.06 up to $0.50 per click).

If you refer a new user to Ity.im you get referral fees as a thank you ­čśë . There are three ways of earning money with the referral fees, you get both the referral fee, sometimes bonuses and there are also contests you can win.

By activating a service called AdFrame you can show your own ads at the bottom of the pages you link to using the link shortener. This is perfect for banner exchanges, affiliate programs or to refer more people to Ity.im.

The fist way to earn money from Ity.im is to ad banners on your web site. Simple and I don’t think any more explanations are needed of that way ­čśÇ

If you would like to see some more on how you can use Ity.im and earn money from it check out this video:

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