FlexOffers.com – Still a big waste of time

Back in December 2009 I wrote a review of FlexOffers (“FlexOffers – a big waste of time“) and as Dave McGurk pointed out in the post it’s perhaps time for a new post about FlexOffers. Their poor services must have improved, right?

Unfortunately they didn’t approve XavierMedia.com this time and we just got their standard email:

Thank you for applying to our network. There are several requirements that a website must meet prior to being approved for our program, such as original on-site content, traffic, a well designed site, proper contact information, etc.. Due to one or more of these requirements having not been met, we cannot approve your site at this time.

So let’s have a look at what they’re saying:

  • Original site content: Most of the content on this site is developed by us for this site. If you for example have a look at the PHP scripts we have they’ve all been developed for us, same for all the webmaster tools we have at www.xaviermedia.com/webmasters/. Most of the guest posts are also unique, same as all my posts (which is the biggest portion), so I don’t know exactly what they refer to here.
  • Well designed site: Well, the design is working and I like the blue colors we use. I’ve seen much poorer designed sites …. and that’s including the templates FlexOffers.com offer their clients.
  • Traffic: Yes we got traffic and we have had it since 1996
  • Proper contact information: You can contact us using the contact form on our web site, Twitter or Status.net. Support is however only provided in our support forum for our free scripts so you have to register at XavierForum.com, but that’s only because we offer the scripts for free and we don’t want to answer the same questions over and over again. There’s no phone number on our site, but then again we don’t offer free phone support for our free products.

I have of course sent an email to FlexOffers.com asking for the real reason for not approving XavierMedia.com but they have refused to answer so far. Natalia, our Affiliate Manager at Flexoffers.com, last time we joined is unfortunately not working there any more since emails to her email address is just bouncing (because of bad employer perhaps).

Back to FlexOffers.com. At their web site they offer “templates” which you fill with affiliate links and publish on your web site. The design on some of the templates is questionable (see above) and also by doing something like this you could get your site banned in Google and the other search engines for hosting link farms or duplicate content. I strongly advice from using these templates if you care about your sites position in search engines. If you plan on using the templates for parked domains there are better services like SEDO which offers parked sites with for sale-links to your sales page at SEDO.

They also offer “automated content” which sounds a little bit scary considering how Google and the other search engines finds this content easily and also deliver punishment for using it. This service sounds also kind of strange since you have to have “unique” content to join FlexOffers.com :???: (see above).

FlexOffers.com has changed the revshare model since the last post, but they only offer about 2% commission for the lowest segment ­čÖü . To get a reasonable commission for referring friends and blog readers you have to have a revenue of $250,000 (!!!) and then you still only get 10%. If you want to earn commission by referring people to the affiliate network there are much better alternatives available that actually pays a decent amount. They also have disclaimer on this revshare program allowing them to put a cap on how much you get paid (as if 10% is too much…):

In the event that the tier rate being offered is more than half the FlexOffers.com profit margin then a cap is put into affect. This can and will be the case with some products and services offered within the FlexOffers network, depending on the program and publishers involved. In such cases, the FlexRev $hare bonus will be no more than 50% of the profit margin that FlexOffers.com receives per sale.

Also since you have pretty much the same offers on CJ.com or other affiliate networks there’s no actual need to join FlexOffers.com at this time. If you would like to have a shop where you can set your own prices and also use your own brand, but not do too much work on delivering the services and products, then please check out XavierMedia.biz.

What I wrote in 2009 is pretty much the same thing now with FlexOffers.com. They are not the best and there are many other better networks available.



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Antonios says:

CPA’s might be going through financial difficult times.

Antonios says:

I don’t understand why you are having problems getting accepted into flexoffers.

My site isn’t a masterpiece and I was accepted by them and a few other cpa’s without problems. I not even a webmaster.

I do a lot of copy pasting and use very easy to use sitebuilders.

When I haven’t been accepted by a cpa they tell me why. I have called the cpa aff manager, told them about my site and they have accepted me.

I am a member of about ten cpa networks. Of course, keeping track of all their offers that I have been accepted to is not easy.

Offers come and go, change promotions, change lead acceptance, shave leads, stop paying, go inactive, change banners.

You have to keep doing changes to your promotions. Law changes too, affect promotions.

Lately, apparently, flexoffers advertisers are becoming more demanding on quality of leads. And getting leads is becoming more difficult. Apparently, more shaving leads are common.

This could be happening with other cpa’s, too. The economy is in a crisis, and promotions are being cut.