Got some spare time? Earn extra money from your skills

Do you got some spare time you don’t really know how to spend? Have you ever considered to freelance for some project? It doesn’t have to be hard at all and you can always start with a really small project just to get a feel of it.

At you can choose from hundreds of categories of projects looking for someone to do a freelance job for them. If you’re new perhaps you should start bidding on one of the projects asking for writers or perhaps you could do a logo for a new startup company. When you get a more experienced freelancer you could always start bidding on the bigger projects. got all kinds of projects from really small projects starting at about $30 to medium projects at about $1500-$3000 to big projects over $5000.

I can say for sure that I get never bored surfing at that site 😉

Freelancer works like some sort of auction. You search for a project you want to bid on, place your bid and if you win you get to do the work. Price may not only be the only factor for winning the bid, but you should remember that it will be an important thing at least in most cases.

Membership is of course free and you only pay a small free for the bids where you win, so you only have to pay if you get paid yourself 😉

Like any other auction/bidding site you can get rated as a freelancer and of course a better rating will help you win bid in the future, so bidding on some small projects to get experience and win good ratings could be a good strategy in the beginning 😉

Some of the projects currently available at Why not place a bid? You never know if you could earn some money doing it.

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