.NET jumping up and down like crazy

On the 29th of January (three days ago) .NET and .COOP showed up on the graph for biggest increase in number of pages. Today (1st of February) both top level domains show up on the graph for domains with biggest decrease….

I’m not exactly sure about the reason for this but it could be spam pages index in the search engines being dropped today. It sounds a little bit unlikely but that’s the only reason I can think of right know.

This is what the statistics looked like three days ago and as you can see both .COOP and .NET showed up in the top with increases of over 3.8% each:


Today both of the top level domains show up on the decrease graph with decreases of about 2%. Not all new pages that where indexed on the 29th have been removed, but since the .NET got 4.7 billion web pages (according to Xavier Media Whois) just one percent is a lot of pages.


Despite the resent drop the .NET TLD is still in the top 5 with only .COM, .JP and .ORG as bigger top level domains.

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