New Contest

As usually when we close one contest we start a new one and even this time we’re going to to so. Therefore we’re starting a new contest where the lucky winner will get 700 Entrecard credits. All you need to do is to post a comment in this blog to get an entry.

On February 28th we’ll use to select one lucky winner among the comments we get 😀 Easy isn’t it?

Winners in our previous contest

The New Year contest we had last month didn’t get as many interested people as we had planned so we’re going to give everyone a special prize 😀

The winners and the prizes they won:

  1. Ericka from got one VIP membership to and 700 EC
  2. Christina from got one VIP membership to and 700 EC
  3. Janelle from got one VIP membership to and 100 EC
  4. Carrie from got one VIP membership to and 100 EC
  5. Cher from got one VIP membership to and 100 EC

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🙂 Thanks for another giveaway! 🙂 You are great!!

700 EC’s contest for just posting a vote, always worth it. I found this post on EC Forums, in case you want to know how your marketing is working.

denologis says:

wohohoho, this is great concept of new contest! i luv it! 😀

Lisa P says:

oooh I would love the credits! hahahah 😛

Haven’t won anything in a long time so hope to get some luck 🙂

georgie says:

stoppin by from EC to drop say hi and enter

Hey, 700 creds maybe for leaving a comment, well worth it. Let me know if you need a sponsor for contests, I always have EC’s to give to contests and looking for new ways to get links.

sharkbytes says:

Well, I’m new enough that 700 EC looks really good. I’m in!

carnation says:

hi got linked here from EC winners page. that’s great you have lots of contests! count me in!

Nirmal says:

Nice offer dear , I hope I get lucky at least this time . An innovative Idea to bring along more Unique visitors. Keep up the good work. Thank you !!

janelle says:

wow a new contest! i hope that you’ll have many contestants this time 😀 i’ll blog about this 😀

and i won! wow! yay for the special prize <3 more power xavier media 😀