WPTouch – Turn your WordPress blog into a mobile web site

Everyone that got a blog may from time to time get a visitor using a smartphone or something similar. Since most themes for computers with normal web browsers and a big screen size aren’t that good looking on small smartphone screens (I know the screens are pretty big if you compare to a few years ago 😉 ).

The solution for this would be to create a separate site/blog for smartphones, but that’s not optimal since you would then have to create the same content twice. Since you already have WordPress installed you can use a variety of plugins to turn your WordPress blog into a site for small screens with the same content as your main blog. The problem here is to find a really good plugin, and with WPtouch I think I have found the perfect plugin for just this (correct me f I’m wrong).

WPtouch is making your blog really nice looking in the smartphone browser (I’ve tested with iPhone + Safari) and you have a lot of options in the settings page of the plugin. You can for example decide if you want to show the tags or not, which could be good if you have a lot of tags since it could be too much data for a smartphone to download using the 3G network (unless it’s connected to WIFI that is). In the standard setup you wil have a mobile blog for the following “units” Android, CUPCAKE, Googlebot-Mobile, bada, blackberry 9800, blackberry9500, blackberry9520, blackberry9530, blackberry9550, dream, iPhone, iPod, incognito, s8000, webOS and webmate. You can of course change this and add more units if you like. The good thing is that even Google when it’s indexing mobile sites get to see the mobile version of your blog. iPad’s will see your normal blog and that’s good because they use a bigger screen and there’s no need for them to see the mobile version without ads 😉

You can of course add Adsense ads in the mobile blog so you can earn a little bit of money from your mobile enabled blog. And it’s also possible to track your visitors with Google Analytics or some other statistical software.

You have tons of options like for example you can set a custom title for your mobile blog version, so it’s possible to set it to for example “SampleAddress.com – Mobile version” or something like that.

The only downside I’ve found so far with the plugin is that the standard icons for pages/posts etc are very iPhone-ish, but since you can upload your own icons it’s not a big problem.

Try the plugin by searching for WPtouch in your WordPress blog under the plugin option. WPTouch is BTW activated here at XavierMedia.com so if you use any of the smartphones/units mentioned above you can try it out on our site if you don’t want to install it on your own site.

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