Yahoo to close its directory

Yahoo has announced that they will close its directory of links in the end of 2014 (December 31st to be exact). For those of you who have been around on the Internet for some time Yahoo’s directory was the only thing where you could find sites in the beginning, before search engines even existed. Yeah, I know that time actually existed.

The directory was put together by humans classifying sites (almost like in a library where all the books are classified by topic). Yahoo tried to partner with different search companies when Googles search engine became more and more popular, but nothing helped and now Yahoo will close the directory like they did earlier with Altavista (the first really big search engine). This is very, very sad and I hope they will hand over the directory to some nonprofit organisation that can continue to develop the directory since it’s a big piece of Internet history.

The closing of the Yahoo Directory is unfortunately a bigger problem than just losing a big piece of Internet history, this shows that there’s only one giant dominating the Internet today. I really hope that the EU will do something to limit the power this big one got (I don’t need to mention any names), before any more damage is caused to the Internet as it is.

Some pictures from the Yahoo Directory over the years (thanks to the Wayback machine from






What will Yahoo have to close next?

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