In the good old days when you found a web site or a blog you liked you had to bookmark it and every now and then return to the site to see if it had been updated. A pretty time consuming and old fashioned way of finding updates if you ask me.

Thanks to the invention of a fantastic protocol called RSS (“Really Simple Syndication” or sometimes “Rich Site Summary”) you can subscribe to a page or blog to have the headlines or updates delivered to you in a feed reader. More information on the RSS history and how it works can be found in Wikipedia.

If you find a web site you like, then you should look for this icon in your browsers address bar or somewhere on the site you like:

RSS icon in the address bar of Firefox

When you find the icon just click on it to be taken to the feed. In most cases you will be offered several ways to subscribe to the feed in for example My Yahoo or in Google, or if you prefer to get informed by email when the site is updated that’s also sometimes offered as an option.

In short; RSS is a way of subscribing to news from a site or blog you like ­čśë