New layout for our company web site

We’ve upgraded our company web site with some information about the Xavier Media group. Our old web site will still be used, but only for back-office purposes like graphs, PDFs for investors etc….

We’re doing this to separate news about the group from the actual business and to make it easier for our investors to find valuable information by accessing just one site. will of course also be used for our online office functions, but that will be done in a separate step.

Under the menu called “Companies” you will find statistics and reports from the different companies within the Xavier Media group. So far we only have statistics from Xavier Media, but pretty soon we’ll add something about the other companies as well ­čśë

For the average Joe we know this site will be pretty boring, but please remember that is mainly for just information about the group for people interested in our statistics and other numeric data ­čśÇ

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