After some time of extreme piece and quite from, the site is now back with its funny line jokes delivered via Twitter.

A new feature is that you can now also like the Facebook page and comment via Facebook. If you like the Facebook page you get to see the oneline jokes in your Facebook timeline. Nice isn’t it?

As always you can tweet @NotSoBright your reactions, both positive and negative, and they will show up as comments under the joke at the web site Whenever we post a new online joke we use the hash tag #NotSoBright so it’s easy for you all to search for the jokes if you like.

We’re also still looking for new jokes, so if you’ve found a nice online joke please tweet it to @NotSoBright.

If you prefer you can subscribe to the web site via email also. At this time you only get the one line jokes and not the comments from the other users, but perhaps that will change in the future.

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