Updated link shortener API

We’ve updated the link shortener API for 2ve.org with some new features and at the same time we also added some new TLDs that will be used by the shortlinks.

The new features in the API is that you can select the standard TLD to be used by each API, so for example if you setup a new API key and select ryqn.com as the stanard API domain then your links will all be starting with that domain name for that API key.

Another change is that it will also be possible to use your own paths. For example in the past you got a random link, but now you can brand your links and select something that’s easy for you to remember like for example 2ve.org/xavier.

It’s also possible to use the API without a key, but then you get gd.is short links.

To make it posible to have even more short links available in the API we’ve added two new TLDs you can choose from and that’s ryqn.com and xvr.me (XaVieR.MEdia). With this upgrade we’ve also made it possible for us to easily expand the number of domains used at any time without much work at all.

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