Do your online business accept Bitcoins? If not, now is the time!

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If your online business accepts Bitcoin or other crypto currencies as payments, then congratulations! Now with Tesla owning Bitcoins at a value of over 1.5 billion dollars the crypto currency world is becoming even more main stream. Tesla announced that it will in a near future be possible to buy their products with Bitcoins, indicating that soon other players will join in. There’s a rumour that Apple soon also will do a big Bitcoin acquisition.

So how to start accepting Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies) on your web site? The easiest way is to show your QR code and wallet address on your site asking people to send payments for your products and services. This will of course require a lot of manual work for you to administrate.

As an alternative you can always your, it’s really easy and you get multiple crypto currencies for your users to choose from. In the simple version you just add a payment button your your site, and in more advanced options you use their API to accept payments. They will soon also offer their customers a Mastercard connected to crypto.

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