Lastpass security breach – change your passwords

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LastPass is a password manager and data encryption service that helps users organize their passwords and keep them secure. It also automatically generates strong passwords for the user, which means that they don’t have to worry about this themselves. This service was created in 2008 by Joe Siegrist, Steve Triglia, and Yousuf Khalidi.

The Lastpass security breach in august this year was worse than they first expected. First it was said that the hackers only got access to a test environment, but now it’s clear that they “was able to copy a backup of customer vault data from the encrypted storage container.” Most data is encrypted with the customers master passwords and will take time to brute force crack. However users will never know if their data is secure or if someone got access to it, so you should change your all your passwords.

Setup your own priority order of sites most important. As an example:

  1. Your Lastpass master password
  2. Your email accounts
  3. Your bank accounts or other financial accounts including crypto and Paypal accounts
  4. Your social media accounts
  5. Other accounts

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